Application scenarios

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Possible scenarios (smart phone apps, etc.)

  • Virtual Tourist guide
    • Recommendations for activities (outdoor, Cultur, enteratinment)
    • Weather
    • Review, rating
    • Public transport
  • Linked Event Portal
    • Event profiles
    • Event history
    • Related events
    • Event artificats
    • Event venues
  • Real Estate Scenario
    • Help people to migrate to Innsbruck
    • copy famous example of crime statistics on map
    • Combine map with information about shops, schools, public transport
    • Integration of existing offers (e.g. from real-estate agents, public portals, explicit offers)
  • Product and service searched
    • Main idea: Location based product and service searc
    • Recommendations
    • Shops
    • Opening hours,
    • Products
    • Weather
    • Special Offers
    • Restaurants and menus
    • Traffic information