LOI meeting February 24, 2011

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Location: STI Innsbruck, 3W04 1PM until 3PM

Working lunch and soft drinks will be provided


1. Assignment of editors in chief

2. Vision presentation

3. Discussion of stakeholders, data sets, application scenarios

4. Demonstrator: ideas and roadmap

5. Assignment of steering body

6. Next steps and next meeting



  • Location-based product or service search
    • For people who don't the city very well
    • Input: shopping lists --> recommend shops depending on various constraints (opening hours, etc.)
    • Data sets:
      • Shops and product lists and opening hours
      • Public transport
      • Season (winter or summer)
      • Time of day
      • Weather
      • Traffic information
      • Restaurants + menus? (Tagesmenü)
      • Various governmental data
    • Special offers?

  • Cooking app
    • you provide the meals you want to make, get ingredients from LOD
    • create shopping lists
    • recommend shops, opening hours, public transport, parking, special offers, etc.
    • allergies, intolerance
  • inverse cooking app: give ingredients and get possible meals

  • offer finder
    • map, give a product
    • who offers the product close by


  • Summarize and further describe scenarios (including involved data sets / stakeholders). Katharina. 11.3.2011
  • Vision presentation. Katharina. 11.3.2011
  • Add contact information to data sets / stake holders. All. Reto checks. 15.3.2011
  • Editors in chief to further categorize/clean the lists. 15.3.2011
  • Send more ideas on "killer apps" (also for proposal). ALL. 17.3.2011

Next meeting